Custom Touches

April 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

We found our house just in time to influence some of the finishes. The builder had already painted the walls and picked cabinetry for the bathrooms and the kitchen, but fortunately we liked his choices.

Kitchen cabinets

The cabinetry was picked by our builder before he accepted our offer, so we're happily stuck with it.

Love that warm, light brown. We both prefer light wood tones to dark or even mid-brown. This shade is actually on the dark side for me; I would’ve picked pale oak or maple, or if at all possible, birch.

Birch forest and birch furniture

Birches in the Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, Finland; IKEA Molger bath stool and bench in birch. (Furniture pictures by Inter IKEA Systems B.V.)

I love birch, whether they’re growing in the woods, or turned into lumber or furniture.

In our offer, we asked for hardwood floors instead of carpet, and I’m glad we got them. I’m allergic to dust and Mr. E is asthmatic; we have to have something easy to clean. Plus, we love wood floors. The oak fits the existing colors very well. We also asked for a bank of pantry cabinetry. It was fun to pick the kitchen countertops, appliances, and light fixtures even though it took us a long time.

Living room with oak floor

How about 'em gleaming hardwood floors!


The kitchen after the floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances were installed.

The appliances are all our choices. Energy Star, of course. Pardon the trash bag that’s hanging off the island. We were just starting to move in when this picture was taken.

Kitchen counter granite

Closeup of our Green Peacock granite. Isn't it gorgeous?

The countertops normally look much darker than the detail above. The granite is called Green Peacock, and it has green and honey brown spots on a dark background.

Pantry Cabinetry

I'm glad our builder accepted our offer, even if it meant he had to order and install these beauties.

I can’t believe the kitchen originally came without these cabinets. They are indispensable!

Custom Sauna

Our custom sauna installed. The shower enclosure is to the left.

We were able to convert (or have the builder and the sauna company installers convert) the first floor laundry, half bath, and closet area into a full bathroom with sauna. The closet was demolished, the half bath door was moved out to gain space, and the laundry room wall was moved / rebuilt. The replacement wall hugs a newly inserted shower stall and wears cedar instead of drywall.

Now the house is ready to move in!

Edit: I’ve edited and re-posted some of the photos.


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