DIY* Frame

May 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, I spotted this frame in a local discount department store.

Damaged photo frame

The bad news: the finish was damaged. The good news: the frame is wood; sanding should take care of the damage. The great news: it was only two dollars. Two dollars! You can’t even buy a double mat for that price! Needless to say, it came home with me.

On a warm, sunny day, I grabbed the frame and some leftover sandpaper and headed out to the back deck. When I started, I wasn’t sure whether I’d want merely to treat the wood lightly where it was damaged, or take all of the finish off. I’m not a fan of distressed look in general. You could see from the back that the original color of the wood was very light. Removing all of the brown finish would have been an attractive option, since I love light wood tones.

Sanding the Frame

As I was working, I decided to leave the brown finish on. I brightened it up, however, by lightly sanding all of the surface. Here and there I increased the pressure to expose more of the light wood.

Frame Sanded

Sanding the piece was the most time-consuming part, and even that took only 20 minutes. Then the frame only needed art and a way to hang it. Two of my nature pictures made the cut. I also washed the glass for added sparkle. I already had a box of sawtooth picture hangers. After attaching one at the back, the frame was ready for a new home.


I love it – don’t you?

*) Distress It Yourself

Edit: I’ve edited and re-posted the photos.


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