Highlights for Hallway

May 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Our upstairs hall has been looking desolate too long!

Hallway Before

Not only does the poor thing get very little light, it’s also been mostly left to fend for itself. I came up with a no-cost spring/summer scheme involving mostly framed art and a few accessories. Today I was finally able to pull the last items together.

Yesterday, I finalized the wall art. Or more correctly, finished finalizing. It took a few weeks of pondering and switching pictures and colors around. I worked mostly with postcards and my trusty stack of archival cardstock for backgrounds. The effort most definitely paid off, wouldn’t you say?

Framed post cards

The only image that isn’t a card is the moonlit seascape in the center. It’s a cutaway from an image I discovered on Vintage Printables. I found the site through Jenny Komenda’s Little Green Notebook. Finding a suitable background color for the seascape took time. I debated between the brown and the pale yellow for a while. In the end, the chocolate brown coordinates better with the brown frame and the browns in the bird card.

With yellow walls and a colorful selection of wall art, I wanted to keep the accessories neutral. The console next to the wall felt like such a big block of color, too, that I decided to break it up with an expanse of white. I like the soft cream color and the texture of my wool scarf. It makes a nice impromptu runner.

Hallway After

Hallway Vignette

Glass Starfish Closeup

The bookcases still need re-organizing, and a new rug might also cheer up the space… Can’t wait!

Edit: I’ve edited and re-posted the photos.


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