Sun But No Burst

May 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last weekend we hung two mirrors, one in my office and the other in the living room. I’ve been wanting something between the living room south wall windows for a long time, and a mirror seemed a good idea.

Sunburst mirrors are quite common in living rooms, if these images are anything to judge by.

Two sunburst mirrors flanking a fireplace

Better Homes and Gardens

Small gold-framed sunburst mirror against pumpkin-orange wall

Better Homes and Gardens

Sunburst mirror and two framed pictures above a sofa

Better Homes and Gardens

White-framed sunburst mirror

Canadian House and Home

Sunburst mirror above a dresser

Country Living

White bedroom with a sunburst mirror

Elle Décor

Sunburst mirror above a sideboard

Elle Décor

White-framed sunburst mirror above a dresser

House Beautiful

Sunburst mirror with a black frame above a fireplace

House Beautiful

This DIY version is intriguing, but it’s still a ‘no’.

Round mirror with spoons as embellishment

Country Living

I like the idea of a round mirror, but I don’t like the burst part. Mr. E agrees. Something like these are much more our style:

Living room with a round mirror

Better Homes and Gardens

Round mirror with a narrow black border above a fireplace

Domino, via Little Green Notebook

Bedroom with a round mirror

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Ikea? Ikea! This Vänna mirror is simple enough for our tastes, and it’s inexpensive.

Living room with round mirror

There’s still other little tasks to do, but adding the mirror is a step to the right direction.

(Note: I do not not publish sponsored content, or accept gifts or discounts to write about products. Blog posts are based on my personal opinion.)

Edit: I’ve edited and re-posted some of the photos.


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