Hello, Gorgeous!

May 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Nicole‘s post about choosing new bedding reminded me that Marimekko textiles are indeed available in the States via Crate & Barrel. (Goodness gracious, how could I forget!)

I like the Madison and the Lehtimaja patterns.

Bed linen with leaf patterns

Top left: Marimekko Lehtimaja. Right: the colors for the Marimekko Madison pattern. Bottom left: Marimekko Madison in green. Crate & Barrel / Marimekko. Collage by me.

Then there’s Saarni:

Bed linen with leaf patterns in two tones of blue

Crate & Barrel / Marimekko.

The blues here are more to my liking than the Madison blue. This set looks really beautiful.

As pretty as the Marimekko textiles are, I don’t feel comfortable justifying the expense. At least not yet. Perhaps when the economy picks up again. After a bit of searching, I found surprisingly many appealing, more affordable nature prints.

Bed linen in bright blue, with leaves in white

Blue, yum... Although a bit too bright. Botanica. Target.

Bed linen with a plant print and bed linen with beige leaves

Left: Modern Classic Leaves in ivory. Right: Arcadia by Barbara Barry. Bed Bath & Beyond. Collage by me.

Selection of bed linen with leaves in green and beige tones

Left: Home Ginko. Top right: Shadow Fern. Bottom right: Woolrich Neutral Leaf. Target. Collage by me.

Selection of bed linen in green tones

Top left: Springmaid Chantal. Top Right: Springmaid Chantal closeup. Bottom right: Springmaid Jeslyn. Bottom left: Summer Fields. Target. Collage by me.

Bed linen with blue and green leaves in different shapes

Avery. JC Penney.

Bed linen with tree branches and birds in reds and oranges

Perch is quite fun, too. DwellStudio / Target.

Of course, there’s also Liberty of London for Target. Just about every blogger and their cousin talk about these!

Bed linen with a rich flower print in red tones

Garla. Liberty of London for Target / Target.

I think I’d rather see Garla on a daybed rather than our bed. I wonder whether it’s available as fabric… A small amount would fit my office quite nicely.

Which yummy print would you pick?

(Note: I do not not publish sponsored content, or accept gifts or discounts to write about products. Blog posts are based on my personal opinion.)


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