Rainy Day Frame Fun

May 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Rain has kept me inside for the past few days (bleah). Time to dig up some fun inside stuff!

Our front hall was among the first spaces we fitted up after moving in, and it has stayed essentially the same.

Front Hall

Two things have been bugging me, though: the art, and the art. The photograph is one of mine from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, cropped and split into two. Although I like it a lot, it’s a little too mellow-yellow to fit the space and the other furnishings. Furthermore, the frames are hung too high.

Something like this looks right:

Front hall art done right

Cropped from Better Homes and Gardens Nov 2009.

So, if I tried moving the frames lower…

Mockup Frames Lower

Photo mockup with frames hung lower.

See? Much, much better! However, I’m concerned that if I were just to move the frames down, the patched nail holes would show. Instead, I tried turning the frames into a vertical position.

Frames Vertically

Mmmh, maybe. Not as good as moving the frames. As a lazy man’s temp solution, though, it’s not bad. Ultimately I’d like to get one large, impressive piece of art and lean it on the console…

Leaning art in front hall

Better Homes and Gardens: 100 Ideas: Real Rooms, Fall-Winter 2009.

…like this.

I think we’ll live with the flipped frames for a while and see how we like them.

Then, the art itself. I wanted images with a little red or burgundy to tie in with other accents in the space, and I wanted plants. Vintage Printables disappointed me this time. Then I scoured the pictures scanned from Köhlers Medizial Pflanzen (stumbled upon via Wikipedia). Stunning imagery! I just love this drawing of the lily of the valley. (And the best thing is, it’s public domain!) Further digging around found this beauty an equally handsome ladyslipper companion.

New Art

New Front Hall

The entry in its new clothes. (It’s incredible how much lighting conditions change the look of our yellow walls!) What do you think? Worth keeping, or does it need more work?

A few picture ledges might also be nice, perhaps in the stairwell like in the picture below.

Art ledges

Better Homes and Gardens: 100 Ideas: Real Rooms, Fall-Winter 2009.

That project will have to wait for another rainy day, though.

Edit: I’ve edited and re-posted the photos.


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