Temporary to Permanent

June 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just in case yesterday’s ribbon post made someone think I merely hoard my treasures, here’s a ribbon project I did last year.

After we moved in, we needed a trashcan for the downstairs bathroom. We had just shelled out big bucks for the house and movers, and moreover there was the purchase of a car and one or two sofas looming in the near future. Therefore, I wanted to see whether I could make a temporary solution really cheap. Really, really cheap. As in $0!

After unpacking, I found a small enough cardboard box and fashioned an outer shell for it from an old sheet and leftover ribbons. Then I added a liner, and the trashcan is good to go.

Sewing the shell for a box

As you see, one of my ribbons was a leftover piece that remained aggravatingly just less than an inch short. I was able to turn that corner towards the wall, though, so it doesn’t show at all.

Finished trashcan in the bathroom

The finished product fits very nicely in our bath, don’t you think? I have been so happy with it that it hasn’t even occurred to me to replace it yet.


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