Yogurt Plant Pots

July 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

My spider plants are spidering out or control and need harvesting. I have some nice metal buckets that I want to use instead of clay plant pots. They just need inner containers, since I don’t want the metal to rust or leak. Large, washed yogurt and pudding containers are the perfect size. The taller ones just need to be trimmed.

Containers cut to size

Then, into the garage with the spray paint. I was able to work on this lovely table Mr. E built for us.

Work Bench

I tried cutting corners and it almost came back to bite me. Instead of properly covering the table with newspaper or dropcloth, I tried spraying the containers at arm’s length while standing at the open garage door (for ventilation). Two came out ok, but I dropped the third. Yikes! Sand on my freshly painted surface! Some of it shook off, but a little stuck. So, I just sprayed over that again.

Sand accents on plant pot

That is almost worth doing on purpose!

Containers Painted

The result is perfectly adequate, I’d say. I left the very bottoms of the sides unpainted, since no-one will be able to see them.

Yogurt container as plant pot

No, the yogurt ingredients or barcodes won't show.

Yogurt container plant pot in action

Just the sort of crafts project I enjoy: quick, easy, and economical. What do you think?


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