…Three Down…

July 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve had a true vacation week, with real downtime. Yes, we already had an overseas vacation. Seeing (the European half of) your friends and loved ones only once a year, however, makes you want to pack up activities into every day. As I grow older, I find that more and more taxing. (Not to mention the jet lag!) To truly recharge my batteries, I’ve done nothing but what I felt like, or tried to anyway. That’s a luxury I don’t grant myself often, and it was so worth it. The only thing I had, had, HAD to work on was window-wear.

We returned home from Finland to find that it’s hot! There was a heat wave in much of New England. The grass was parched almost everywhere in our corner of Massachusetts, and mandatory water use restrictions were in place. Our house was stifling. We don’t have air conditioning. Enter old-fashioned ways of cooling your house. We use curtains and sheers to keep the heat out, and try to manage the natural air flow by judiciously opening and closing windows and, when it gets really hot, the basement door.

Out came my trusty sewing machine. I used up my last bits of sheer material to cover the living room south windows. It’s wonderful to have more sheers to block the sun, although ironing the fabrics in this heat has been sheer torture. (Yes, had to say it. 🙂 )

Extra Breakfast Chair

Phone Center

A few days later I sewed extensions for the living room west window curtains. The living room rests above the garage, a step lower than the rest of the first floor. We wanted to reuse our old drapes, but they weren’t long enough. Now they are.

Curtain Extensions

New Living Room Curtains

I also took the opportunity to move a few pieces of furniture. The room needs more work, still. Small steps, I keep telling myself. The house isn’t going anywhere.


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