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July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

A few days ago, Mr. E and I were watching laptop-tv (Design Star via Hulu) in our breakfast nook. We were feeling snuggly, and two chairs side by side didn’t quite do it. We retrieved our outdoor loveseat from the deck and just plonked it down. Snuggles were achieved. 🙂

We meant to move the loveseat back out the next day. During the night, however, gears turned. I remembered seeing pictures of outdoor furniture inside the house. For example:

Breakfast with an outdoor furniture set

Laura wohnen kreativ 7/2006.

Kitchen with patio table and chairs

Sanna Annukka.

Found via design*sponge.

Patio chair in a sitting area

100 Ideas Makeover Style 2007.

And this picnic table that I already mentioned a few weeks ago:

Picnic table in a breakfast nook

Nikole Herriott.

Via design*sponge.

Here is ours:

Outdoor Breakfast Bench

I like it surprisingly much. What do you think?


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