Pick-Me-Up Blues

August 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

We don’t sleep in our master suite. Instead, we adopted one of the extra bedrooms and turned the master suite into an office / sewing room / tv room / guest room. The east-facing window in our current bedroom particularly suits Mr. E, and since it’s in the north east corner of the house, the room stays cooler even in the summer. The adjoining Jack-and-Jill bath ensures that our creature comforts are right there. (The second room connected to our Jack-and-Jill bath serves as Mr. E’s office, so there’s plenty of privacy even when we have overnight guests.)

Both the Jack-and-Jill bath and the two extra bedrooms came painted creamy white. So far we’ve been happy enough with it as the bedroom color. Our bath, however, needs a pick-me-up.

Our builder chose the granite countertop from a remnant. That’s a laudable practice, but in this case, we got something a little weird. There are a couple of nice shades of grey, and then there’s this pinkish, peach-ish shade. What on earth can we do with peach!? In general, there are two ways to go with an unappealing feature: disguise it or work with it. We wanted to find a color that complements the countertop.

Armed with a handful of paint chips from the home improvement store, we finally decided on two shades of blue.

Two shades of blue

Behr Premium Plus Paints: Mood Indigo and Skipper.

I painted test boards and set them on the counter.

Blues in a bathroom

We’ve now lived with them for a few weeks to see how the colors behave at different times of the day when light changes. We were both leaning towards a favorite – the same one, fortunately. To make deciding easier, I made two rough mockups with a photo editor.

Dark Blue Mockup

Light Blue Mockup

We stared at the printouts side by side for another half a day to be sure.

Blues Side by Side

I’ve seen advice on choosing a paint color that says to go one shade lighter once you have picked out your color. We definitely prefer the darker one, though. I don’t think it will be too overwhelming as an accent wall. In fact, it looks quite dramatic and balances the lighter shades of blue already in the room.

Now we only need to have a less humid spell for painting. Stay tuned for the results!


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