Gold from Underground

September 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Remember the potatoes that we stuck in the ground before we left for a vacation? They have been doing just dandy despite being abandoned and not watered or weeded once over this scorcher summer of 2010. Today I harvested them.

We weren’t expecting much to happen, so we weren’t really prepared to get a harvest. We consulted Mr. E’s mother about the timing, and I consulted my hazy memories of my grandparents’ potato pulling process. And here we are:

Potatoes fresh from the ground

One thing I remember my grandparents doing is drying the potatoes in the sun. They laid huge sheets of corrugated cardboard out on the lawn. The potato was spread out on the cardboard, with some space around each tuber. I was too young to ask about the significance of it, so I can only guess that the potatoes will keep better if they’re dry before storing. Here’s my mini-version of a low-cost potato drying facility:

Potatoes drying after a wash

Since we only got a handful, I washed the potatoes while I was at it. It’s so exciting to have produce from your own yard, especially since it’s half accidental!


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