Piles and Pails of Fun

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’ve enjoyed a spell of cooler, less humid weather, perfect for doing outdoor work we procrastinated on had to reschedule. Our latest tasks involved two basic hunter-gatherer resources: rocks and wood.

Whenever Mr. E digs a hole, I run in to save as many stones and pebbles as I can. Hooray for free landscaping materials!

Stone Stash

A year ago after we moved in, I scavenged bucketloads of stones and built an edge around the foundation.

Stone edge around foundation

Our building inspector recommended adding one. The idea is to keep the vegetation and water away from the concrete. Furthermore, the rocks catch falling water and deter sand splashes.

The only area without edging was under our back deck. Yesterday, I finally did it.

Under Back Deck

So charming with all the cobwebs and dead crap, isn’t it! Fortunately we don’t have to look at that on a daily basis.

Then we prepped a second firewood storage area. We already have a first-year spot for freshly cut and split wood in the sun off by the edge of the lot. The fresh, “green” logs will season there for a year. Then they’re moved into our covered storage. Last year’s load, the very first one off of our woods, got rotated and spread out in the new area where it can continue drying.

Second Year Firewood

Wow, it looks tiny. There is another stack behind this one, though.

Since the space under the deck is open on two sides, I’ll make the stack more compact and throw a tarp over the pile when the weather turns wet and snowy. Come next spring, we should have extra-super-duper-properly dried firewood to enjoy.


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