Bathroom Reveal: Before and After

September 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

One of our summer projects was painting the bathroom. Our Jack-and-Jill bath is actually divided into two rooms. The first acts like an anteroom: it opens into the two bedrooms and has the sink and a closet. The second houses the toilet and the bathtub / shower enclosure.

We started with your soft, plain contractor-white space.

Bathroom Before Mashup

Clockwise from top left: sink, shower room, door to the bedroom, and an unused corner that we dedicated to our laundry solution.

Deciding on the right color took a while, but it was worth it. As you may remember, I painted test boards and made crude mockups to help us decide.

Blues in a bathroom

Test boards in action.

This is what Mood Indigo, our shade of choice, looks like in the room:

Dark Blue Mashup

Left: Crude mockup. Right: The real thing. We used Mood Indigo (from the Behr Premium Plus line) in eggshell.

Painting an accent wall just in the sink room would have created a separation between the two spaces, so we decided to carry the color over. We painted the same wall in the shower room.

Both Rooms Painted

Left: After one coat of blue. Right: After two coats.

Furthermore, we wrapped the blue around the corner, over the tub:

Shower Room Longshot

Suddenly, our blue and green shower curtain frogs look like they belong in the space:

Shower Room Closeup

We hang our towels on hooks – Finnish style – behind the shower room door and color code them: green for him, blue for her.

Bath Towels

I took the opportunity to switch out a few accessories as well:

My Counter Stuff

After we had already painted, I suddenly thought of our yellow hall. Would the blue look silly seen from the hallway? Fortunately, Mr. E’s office provides a nice, neutral block between the yellow and the blue:

Blue from Afar

Phew! πŸ™‚

It’s been only a year and a half since we moved in. We can still (sort of) remember what the house looked like then. Adding our furniture and small accessories perked the room up a lot, but this paint job really makes the space. It’s very satisfying to see the difference, especially in before and after pictures:

Sink Before After

Shower Before After

Shower Frogs Before After

To Bedroom Before After

The best of it is that this makeover turned out to be ridiculously cheap: only $35! We love our blue bathroom!

  • Gallon of paint: $23
  • Quality paintbrush: $12
  • Roller, tape, and tray: already owned
  • Plastic drop cloths: already owned
  • Accessories: already owned

Most of the painting supplies we already had from our closet project. Being cheapskates extremely frugal, we used a slightly torn mattress cover from our move, an old shower curtain, and a large trash bag as drop cloths. The only item we bought was a better brush; we really should have done that right from the start.

How about you – any exciting paint transformations to share?


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  • KHJ says:

    Nice! I think the blue accent wall was such a good idea. I *want* to do a paint transformation in my upstairs bathroom, but still have unpacking to do first, and then will have to ask the landlady!

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