Fall Decor for Free

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Many people love decorating according to season. Our families didn’t really do that when we were growing up, so it’s not a big part of our lives. I like to include little seasonal touches: wild flowers, maybe a postcard or fruit. The fruit is mostly out to be eaten up, though, not primarily as decoration. Nom! 🙂

In this sense, pumpkins count as fruit for us. During the weekend, we bought a pumpkin. It’s now prettifying (can I say that?) the living room, waiting for Mr. E to cut it up. I also took the opportunity to switch my wreath into something more fallish.

Fall Living Room

Most of the summer, our living room looked like the picture below. The wreath form was embellished with a white bow made out of wide ribbon…

New Living Curtains

Summer Coffee Table

…and on the coffee table there was a woven placemat with a small bowl of interesting rocks. My rock “collection” grew out of this vaguely heart-shaped rock that I found on our back yard during our first summer here.

Heart-shaped rock

Perfect for someone who loves their first house, wouldn’t you say?

In general, I like “undoable” decor. By that I mean not only that you can rearrange the elements in your room. I also prefer to create non-permanent home crafts, if possible. I like to switch things around and to try different looks, but I don’t want to invest in something I may not like or may tire of in a month or two. When I found a beautiful, inexpensive wreath form in a hobby store, I knew I could use and reuse it to my heart’s content.

The summer wreath was a simple modification of the Christmas wreath I made for our yay-we’re-out-of-NYC rental, below:

Xmas Wreath

For the fall wreath, I took a handful of ribbons (from a $2 remains bag, plus some lengths of ribbon scavenged from gifts). I wrapped a long piece all around the form and pinned it in place at the back. Then I added varying lengths and colors to the center of the wreath. They are also pinned in place.

Fall Wreath

I love the simplicity and color of the wreath form, so I don’t want to cover it up completely. So far I’ve been happy changing its looks with my trusty stash of ribbons. I’m sure I’ll get even more mileage out of both – cheap, cheap, cheap!

Do you have any reusing tricks to share, for fall or otherwise?


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