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October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

We visited New York City this weekend for a wedding. A high school friend of Mr. E and his sister got happily married and duly celebrated. Another couple we know was also in town and wanted to get together. The only thing was, they were expecting their first child any day. Our provisional plans to meet for lunch had to be scrapped, but instead we got to meet little Ronan one day after he was born! That was such a treat!

We had no idea that our visit coincided with Korean Day. As our hotel was in Koreatown, we got a glimpse of both the street fair and the parade:

Korean Day Parade

Korean Day Parade, NYC, October 2010.

NYC isn’t a favorite with us. Not. At. All. It’s too crowded, noisy, and dirty for us. But since we were in town, we wanted to make a dinner visit to our favorite restaurant in the old ‘hood. To while away Saturday morning, we walked to Macy’s. I’m so glad we did, for we found a set of 400-count cotton sateen sheets in the range of blues that I love on stupendous clearance:

Bedding on Sale

Now THAT is a bargain!

Wow! The set is for a full-size bed [note for Finns: ~140 cm wide], not queen [~150 cm], so the sheets will go on the guest futon. Even if we won’t get to enjoy the sheets ourselves, I’ll be happy to upgrade our guests’ comfort for such an economical price. (Did I mention they’re blue!?)

In the afternoon, we took a stroll on the Columbia University campus, checked out some of the changes, and sat on the steps in front of Low Memorial Library enjoying the sun and a book. For dinner we met my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. I don’t miss much from NYC, but I do miss living around the corner from Pisticci!

Italian restaurant

Our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Excellent food. Excellent company. We get to leave NYC for our own home in the woods. 🙂 Life can’t get any better than this.

(Note: I do not not publish sponsored content, or accept gifts or discounts to write about products. Blog posts are based on my personal opinion.)


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