Fall Pleasures

October 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fall isn’t my favorite time of the year, but I enjoy fall nevertheless. The air feels so fresh, cool, and green (if that makes sense) after the summer. The bright fall colors (called ruska in Finnish) have no comparison. Well, except for the first fresh spring greens. 🙂

Last week, Mr. E and I visited a small local state park. We walked the main trail from end to end and back.

Park Trail
Park Branches

Left: A fallen branch. Right: A clever way to use straight fallen trees and branches to 'fence in' your trail.

I just love the woods in the fall!

Leaves and Needles
Park Fall Colors

We were also able to use our apples from last weekend. Mr. E’s parents often make cider in the fall and invite friends and family. (Suom. huom.: kyseessä on omenamehu, ei siideri.) Last weekend we made a quick trip to Maine to join them in the fun.

Cider making

Top left: Washing apples. Bottom left: Putting apples through the grinder with the help of a hopper. Top right: A family friend, T, takes his turn at the crank. Bottom right: Collecting the cider.

The work is, of course, followed by dinner and plenty of sampling. Yum!


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