More Room Arrangement Inspiration

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I haven’t yet found a solution to my guest room / office arrangement dilemma, but I do have more sources to look at.

From the photographer Clive Tompsett:

Office with book cases

Clive Tompsett.

Designer Jeff Andrews:

Office with multiple desks

Jeff Andrews.

Photographer Jeltje Janmaat:

Desk and low book cases

Jeltje Janmaat.

These photos from the Swedish home dec magazines Hus & Hem and Sköna hem are very useful because they show a room with a slanted ceiling:

Office with cabinets

Hus & Hem.

Office with book cases

Sköna hem.

All the above found via Desire to Inspire.

Here’s another one from the new Toc Toc Toc magazine:

Sewing studio

Toc Toc Toc.

Found via Emmas designblogg.

I’m itching to actually do something, but I want a proper plan first so we don’t have to move furniture more than once. So, I’m also playing around with my own room tool, the ultimate in high-tech home design:

Space planning tool

The 'sheet of graph paper' approach to space planning. This arrangement is still under consideration.

Yes, it’s pieces of paper standing in for furniture on a sheet of graph paper. I’ve also tried a few computerized tools, but haven’t found a definite favorite yet. The sheet and little slips work for me, and they don’t require electricity. 🙂


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