Ribbon to the Rescue: Basket Beautification

November 10, 2010 § 5 Comments

Not having desk drawers is a drawback for me. (Couldn’t work a third ‘draw’ in that, sorry. πŸ˜‰ ) Instead, I’ve collected a couple of boxes, baskets, and the like plus a small night stand to hold my desk stuff. This weekend I had cause to poke around in my ribbon container. Handling one of the spools made me pause.

I have this one ugly unappealing white plastic basket for my desk supplies. What if I took ribbon and wove it through the side slats (or whatever they’re called) to make it more appealing? I had to try it right there and then!

Basket Ribbon Weave

My goodness, it works! Then just rinse and repeat.

Basket Ribbon Weave

Here’s a closeup of the inner corner where I started and finished:

Basket corner closeup

I used a safety pin to attach the top end in place; the bottom (where I started) seems to be fine on its own. Plus, inside the basket I have a small box pushed in that corner, so the ribbon end shouldn’t be going anywhere.

I’m sure the kind of ribbon you use makes a huge difference. You could take it to hippy, happy, or harmonious, according to your fancy. (My goodness, what an alliterative post this turned out to be!) I went with my taupe satin because I was sure I had enough of it, and the width turned out to be perfect.

A lot of pushing and pulling and adjusting created this result:

Basket Ribbon Done

The basket is now much, much neater, isn’t it! This makeover cost me mere pennies: the ribbon was a $1 bargain find, and the basket itself came from a dollar store. Maybe I sholdn’t call it just a basket anymore despite its humble beginnings.

And here is my basket – ahem, my office supply tray – in its new-found glory:

New Desk Tray

Ta-da! It never ceases to amaze me how such a small detail can have a much bigger impact than you’d think.

What sort of small facelifts have you done lately?


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