What You Need Where You Need It

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

After moving our Christmas tree out, I decided it was time to make more sense in the living room. We installed our family calendar – a big desk calendar – by the phone where it’s easy to check. Since you need to have a writing implement near the phone anyway, it would make sense to place envelopes and stamps and such nearby as well. I’m a great believer in storing what you need where you need it. So I did.

The front corner of the living room used to house our baker’s rack. It stored plant and nature books, candles, and some other random stuff. The picture below shows you a past incarnation:

Reading Nook Before

I moved the rack to the back corner and rearranged it. Candle holders now live in one of the yellow baskets, while candles occupy a smaller basket nearby. (I’m trying to limit the amount of candles in the house. Sheesh. Someone tell this woman about using up what you have before buying new!) I then placed our downstairs office supply tray onto the middle shelf and a pen cup next to it.

Back corner before:

Phone Center

And after:

Living room mailing center

It’s not the most stylish corners in existence, but it’ll work until I think of something better. And one of these days I’ll get rid of that stupid golden globe on the top of the baker’s rack!


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