It’s Two!

February 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s our house anniversary! February 10, 2009, we signed the paperwork. Yesterday two years ago we moved in the first load (tiny) and had our first meal in the house (takeout).

Around New Year’s, a lot of home bloggers write to-do lists for the coming year or recap the old. I’m not a resolutions person, at least not for New Year, but I was impressed by Aubrey + Lindsay’s photo recap of 2010. It’s a great idea.

Here’s our 2-year house recap.

Mashup Spring 2009

Our first spring involved moving in, getting used to the house, and a lot of arranging and decorating. We enjoyed our custom sauna and the first signs of spring. Once the snow was gone, we bought our first yard tools and started our first projects: we planted four high bush blueberries, two cherries, and two pear trees. Mr. E built stone steps. I started photographing our wild plants for reference. We saw deer and wild turkeys in addition to squirrels, ducks, toads, snakes, and chipmunks. Inside, we replaced both bathroom doors with curtains.

Mashup Summer 2009

In the beginning of summer 2009, I landed a job nearby but it wouldn’t start till fall. In the mean time, we continued our yard projects and bought more furniture. We set up deer nets around our new tree saplings. It rained a lot. Mowing the lawn was slow and hard. When it wasn’t raining, we went swimming and enjoyed the summer with friends. In August, we traveled a lot, visiting family.

Mashup Fall 2009

In the fall, there was a toilet leak upstairs. Fortunately we caught it early, and the damage was limited to a watermark in the living room ceiling. We started our first tiny stack of firewood, and enjoyed cider making with Mr. E’s family.

Mashup Winter 2009-2010

The winter proceeded much as expected: with snow, family, and rest. It was beautiful. We got a new small sideboard for upstairs hall. We don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s Day (which is celebrated as friend’s day in Finland). In 2010, however, Mr. E got me roses. Classy lady as I am, I promptly set them in a trash can.

Mashup Spring 2010

Our small pond flooded massively next spring. I did several photo projects: I resuscitated a dinged photo frame, selected new pictures for the pair of frames above the front hall console, and hung photos of Roman metal items in Mr. E’s office. Yard work started again. We planted heathers, and started dealing with a large fallen pine. We also got a load of lumber for tree frames, work bench, and a closet project. I took lots of nature photos.

Mashup Summer 2010

Last summer we built frames for our saplings to deter hungry deer. We went strawberry picking, and harvested our very own cherries – all 4 of them! I hung sheers and sewed extensions for our living room curtains, made plant pots out of yogurt containers, and spray painted a fuchsia mirror. After a vacation in Finland, I took more wild flower pics, and tried reupholstering a $5 Salvation Army foot stool. Closer to fall we tried our hands at closet building, and I made a quilt for friends.

Mashup Fall 2010

We got a surprise potato harvest from a couple of potatos I just stuck in the ground before we left for our overseas vacation. We also painted our bathroom and went on walks. Apple picking and cidering are always enjoyable fall activities. Mr. E carved a pumpkin.

Mashup Winter 2010-2011

This winter could have started better. We were dealing with health issues and, later, a death in Mr. E’s family. Then the downstairs toilet seat split, which didn’t exactly increase our confidence in the brand, especially after the leak last fall (2009). I made a boot tray for the front hall and distributed a few new pillows around. The guestroom / tv room / my office got rearranged. We also needed a backsplash solution, but ended up just painting.

We still love this house as much as on the day we first saw it, if not more. I’m looking forward to many more years here.


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