Culture Wars: The Bed Edition

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

At times, beds made and especially beds styled the American way (i.e., loaded with pillows, shams and bolsters) feel too fussy, formal, and impractical to me. (The impracticality comes from having to move all those pillows aside at bedtime, and then re-loading your bed with them come morning.) Like these:

Bed with pillows

Better Homes & Gardens October 2010.

Romantic bedroom

Emmas designblogg linked to the home of the Norwegian ceramist Maria Øverbye in Oslo. I was really impressed by her bed:

Scandinavian bedroom

Photography by Madeleine Söder for Sköna Hem.

Maria’s bed shows you the quintessential Nordic way of making a double bed. You have a pillow each; no shams or spares. The day cover is simply draped over the bed, without tucking anything in. If you want to top the bed with decorative pillows, use only a few. They are sprinkled on top, sort of in the middle. Done.

The effect is relaxed, almost cabin-like. And of course it also works for single beds. Check out this bed at Chez Larsson:

Scandinavian bedroom

Benita Larsson.

I’m sure it’s not for everybody, but I enjoy the informality. Maria’s linen (or linen-look) day cover looks so cozy. It would be the perfect option for summers, when a heavy quilt like we have is too heavy both physically and visually.


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