Side Yard: Identifying Problems

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

In addition to the front yard, we plan to work on the back yard and the side this summer. The plot of land to the side of the house certainly needs it: there’s absolutely nothing going on. See for yourself:

Side Yard

This is the view towards the back yard from the road. The area has plenty of challenges.

We can’t plant anything close to the house, since the meters need to be accessible. We also need to keep an open path to the underground gas tank (the black thingy sticking up on the left side of the picture).

This area faces east, so it gets morning sun in the spring and summer, plus a little summertime sun in the early afternoon. The soil seems to be dense, possibly partly clay. Also, the ground slopes away from the house, which means runoff water from the roof every time it rains. Any plants we might want to plant there need to tolerate moist and partly sunny to shady conditions.

Side Yard Corner

The stone border seems to hold better against weeds here on the east wall than elsewhere. I should probably still redo it if I redo the front yard border.

Last summer, I build a tiny stone wall in the southern edge as “room divider” and protection for our heathers. The one closest to the house has unfortunately died since.

Heathers at Small Stone Wall

The plan for the side yard:

  1. Redo stone border.
  2. Dispose of dead heather.
  3. Rebuild stone wall.
  4. Create buffer zone between lawn and woods.
  5. Gas tank beautifier?

At the moment, we have very few specific ideas. We’ll probably just keep the area going with basic upkeep for a year or two, and concentrate on the front and back.


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