Putting the Sun to Use

May 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

After a week of almost solid rain, the sun is out again! It’s hot at the back deck – perfect for drying laundry.

Drying Racks at Back Deck

I’m all for line drying. I grew up in a line-drying household. (Yay, mom!) In fact, I think I’ve used our dryer exactly three times in the two years we’ve lived here. (Twice for at-home “dry clean” and once for actual drying.) It’s especially lovely to line dry outside in the spring and summer – your laundry smells so clean and fresh afterwards, without any yucky chemicals. (I do try and limit the time I leave our landry outside, since we’re both allergic. Bringing in too much pollen in the “clean” clothing wouldn’t do.)

I found Ashley’s indoor drying rack tips on design*sponge useful for beginning line dryers. Her beautiful photos help. 🙂

Drying rack by wood stove

Ashley English at design*sponge.

Happy weekend!


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§ 2 Responses to Putting the Sun to Use

  • KHJ says:

    Your laundry is so color-coordinated! I mean, I understand the idea of “wash with like colors,” but I’m a little surprised to see all the reds. I think of you guys as a blue-and-green household.

    I admit, I sometimes arrange my laundry on the drying rack so that similar colors are clustered together. It might be more efficient to arrange it so that pieces destined for the same dresser drawers are together, though.

  • ekoti says:

    Yes, there’s a lot of blue and green. I also have quite a bit of white and red, and we both have some brown, plus black for work / more formal occasions. I do have to wait quite a while to get a full red load, or fill it up with other darks, like here.

    I pair all the socks in a load before hanging them up, but that’s where I draw the line. Everything else gets hung where there’s space, keeping in mind proper air flow between pieces.

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