Feral Flowerbed Followup

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

A month ago I moved a few common mulleins around a maple on our front yard. I was happy to see that all of them survived – not all of my transplants do. (Another reason to only use wild plants!) Later I added some yellow rockets that I found elsewhere on our yard. This is what the resulting flower bed – such as it is – looked about three weeks ago:

Flower bed with wild flowers

Wild flower bed at the front maple.

The yellow rockets have gone to seed since; they’re looking very scraggly. That’s okay, though. The leaf has a very interesting and attractive shape. Yellow rocket is a biennial, so next year we should have a leaf phase.

Yellow Rocket Leaf

Mature yellow rocket leaf from last year.

Quite accidentally I placed two biennial plants in this area: the common mulleins also live in a two-year cycle. And due to my decision to use what wild plants I can find on our yard, I got mulleins in various states of their cycle. The two mulleins below are just starting to bolt. In a month or so we should have two handsome flower stalks.

Big Mulleins at Maple

The smaller ones on the other side of the maple, closer to the house, won’t produce flowers this year. At first I was a little annoyed at the disharmony. In the end, though, it’s much nicer to have plants flowering every year. I don’t care that one year we have flowers on the road side and the other on the house side.

I was luckier with the entry area. There was already one mullein growing next to the front steps. Fortunately I was able to find another one of roughly the same size elsewhere on the lot. The part of my brain that loves symmetry is happy to have large plants flanking the entry to the house.

Mulleins at Front Steps

They are also starting to bolt, quite nicely in unison. And looks like the broad leaves attract all sorts of visitors.

Bug on a mullein leaf

The front yard is still very much a work in progress. Every little step helps to alleviate the problems, though.


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