Plan for Upstairs Hallway

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I really should have started recapping our almost-the-whole-house rearranging project from the upstairs hallway, for that’s where the dominoes begun falling.

It’s never been among the photogenic parts of the house: it’s basically a dark walk-through. Here are some photos from before we moved in:

Hallway Before Mashup

Clockwise from top left: Guest room / my office from the hallway, hallway corner from the bedroom, railing corner with a glimpse of the guest room doorway, and, finally, the same railing corner looking towards the bedroom (with the attic stairs just to the left).

As you see from the picture above, the hall is very dark. In fact, most photos without flash come out like this:

Hallway Before Unedited

Straight from the camera without any editing. Urgh.

For a long time, the hallway housed two of our bookcases since it has a long stretch of unbroken wall and we didn’t have a better home for them. There were also some side tables and chairs there at various times. At one point, I even hung a discarded piece from our library’s summer reading display in a corner.

Hallway After May 2011

Hallway Windows Before

Hallway Corner Mashup

Railing Corner Temp Mashup

I’ve wanted glass-door bookcases for years ā€“ decades, really ā€“ for easier cleanup and maintenance (due to my dust allergy). This spring we discovered that Mr. E is also allergic to dust. It was, therefore, finally time to bite the bullet and open my wallet. To better accommodate our books, I wanted three bookcases instead of two and settled on Ikea Hemnes in white to combat the dark hallway.

I didn’t make a layout plan because the swap was so straightforward. Here’s a quick visualization, though:

Upst Hall Mockup

Putting in these three bookcases would displace the two existing ones, of course. Figuring out where to move them dislocated other pieces of furniture, and one thing led nowhere. After quite a bit of brainstorming and discussion, Mr. E came up with a suggestion so perfect we had to start moving furniture right away, we were that excited!

Upst Hall Jul 2011

And the next day we went furniture shopping!

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