Plan for Dining Room

July 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our upstairs hallway rearranging plan left us with two extra bookcases. Finding a sensible spot for them was a bit of a challenge. We have so many windows in the house that unbroken wall is rare. The dining room was, therefore, a logical choice for its two long walls. Here’s the room before we moved in:

Dining Before Mashup

Clockwise from top left: northeast corner, southeast corner, east wall, and north wall.

And here are pics of the room since, in various stages of decoration:

Dining Temp Mashup

Clockwise from left: the room after we got the first furniture in, southeast corner with sideboard, and northeast corner with more furniture.

Greens Drape Mashup

Left: our plants enjoying east sun in the dining room. Right: Marimekko Lumimarja drape in the east window.

The problem was, on one hand, what to do with the bookcases in the dining room and, on the other, where to put the furniture displaced by the bookcases: dining table, sideboard, and china cabinet. (The latter was seen in the Hutch Harmony post; more about the dining assortment in connection with the plan for the living room.)

A lot of my drafts placed the bookcases along the west wall with a space in between. I dabbled with filling that space with various pieces, but nothing made sense. Mr. E’s brilliant idea was to place our tv there and drag the futon down from the guest room upstairs. That, in turn, was the perfect excuse for getting a new tv instead of this bulky remnant of ours. We’ve been talking about it before, but haven’t taken action before now. Below is the new layout plan:

Dining room layout

I didn’t make a visualization for this room; we were too eager to start moving furniture!

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