Inspiration: Painted Stairs

August 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Here in Massachusetts it’s been a very rainy week so far. Below are three inspiration images of stairwells to perk up a grey day.

Anna at Take the Side Street painted a runner on her stairs:

Painted runner on stairs

Anna at Take the Side Street.

Stairs with decorative patterns*on the risers:

Stairs with yellow risers

Carol Leonesio.

(*Found with patience. Warning: this is a long aside. I first discovered it via Making It Lovely, who got it from Cafe Cartolina, who saw it on Pinterest. Four other Pinterest pins later, I got to a posting by Pattern Hound. Of course, this isn’t the end of the line either, but it’s close: from Pattern Hound you find Designamour, who links to PainterGirl’s original post. Hooray!

The point of this exercise, of course, is twofold. Firstly, giving credit where credit is due is essential. PainterGirl aka Carol Leonesio deserves the kudos for her original work and effort, not people who just repost her image. She writes:

“Remember my stairs? Boy, I wish I were as well traveled as they! […] Thank you to everyone who has featured them and to everyone who let’s me know when they spot them. […] Often times, I am not even given any credit for them, which totally irks me. If you are going to pull a pic from my blog, at lease give me some credit.”

Secondly, in the original source you can not only find out for yourself whom to credit, but oftentimes also more information / photos / sources / what have you. Carol includes a few closeups as well as the picture that’s traveled around the world and back.)

And finally, bright blue stairs from a summer home in Finland:

Stairs painted blue

Avotakka 7/2010, p. 41. Photo: Toni Rosvall.

Aren’t they cheerful?


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