Upstairs Hall After

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our house rearranging project nears its end. Upstairs hallway is the first area we planned and the first we finished. It’s amazing how much lighter the hallway seems just by switching out the dark bookcases with white ones.

Bank of Bookcases

The only trouble was that the new spiffy bookcases made our existing runner look seriously old and scruffy. I was casually browsing for rugs when a Peruvian wool runner happened to catch my eye on It reminded me of the rug (see below) that we saw in one of the B&Bs during our Britain vacation:

Inspiration Rug

I made a new visualization:

Upst Hall Updated Plan

And here’s our new beauty!

Peruvian Rug

We really surprised ourselves by picking this rug: we don’t usually go for these color combinations nor these kinds of patterns. We do love it, though, and it’s *perfect* for the spot!

Upst Hall New Rug

For months, I’ve had this one project up my sleeve – or maybe I should say in Mr. E’s dresser. He’s cherished his high school drama production t-shirts for years, even though they’ve gotten ratty around the edges with holes in the body. We might as well figure out a way to display them, I thought. Enter scissors and Ikea frames:

Hallway Windows After2

Hallway Windows After Afar

We still need to get one more frame for the collage in the middle; the brown frame is just a placeholder. Besides the bookcases, the rug, and the art, we didn’t buy anything but used what we already have.

For comparison, here are before and afters:

Hallway from Bedrm Before After

Hallway Windows Before After

Railing Corner Before After

Railing corner with a glimpse of the guest room doorway.

Railing Corner2 Before After

Railing corner looking towards the bedroom (attic stairs just to the left).

The bookcases, the rug, and the frames total quite a bit:

  • 3 bookcases: $975 ($325 ea., Ikea Hemnes)
  • Runner: $207 (
  • 6 frames: $89.94 ($14.99 ea., Ikea Ribba)

Total: $1,271.94 (plus taxes)

It’s much higher than our breakfast nook update and Mr. E’s office makeover (link coming up) but then again, they were practically free. We both love the results; the space feels lighter (although it is still very dark) and it’s so cheerful. (Actually, the effect reminds me a bit of Jochen & Tina Frey’s apartment on design*sponge.) It’s now a joy to go through the hallway!

(Note: I do not not publish sponsored content, or accept gifts or discounts to write about products. Blog posts are based on my personal opinion.)


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