Bubble Wrap Pillows

August 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last year, I picked up four discounted fabric sample pieces really cheap. A few weeks ago I turned them into pillows. Since the fabrics were of outdoor quality, I wanted water-tolerant fillings for the pillows but I didn’t want to go out to get supplies. Instead, I tried something really whacky: large-blister bubble wrap.

And here they are! Being filled:

Bubble wrap filling for pillow

And on the futon:

Pillow Fronts

I had four pieces of fabric, and I used two for each pillow, which gave me a reversable set of two. Here are the backs:

Pillow Backs

I was considering picking a fifth fabric and using that as backing for all four sample pieces. That would have made a set of four reversable pillows. I didn’t have a suitable piece handy, though, and I was too impatient to finish my pillows.

The result is surprisingly okay. They have a little give, like regular pillows; we like that. The only glitch is that the bubble wrap filling rustles to the touch whenever you lean on the pillows, or move them, or prop your feet up, or whatever.

What do you think? Would you live with two rustling pillows for a grand total of $5?


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