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September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Long post warning! 🙂

During our house rearranging project, we decided to divide the living room into two areas. According to my plan, the south end would house a dining space and the north end a living space.

We used our sideboard to separate the two areas. (Fortunately it’s designed to be accessible from both sides, so we didn’t have to worry about hiding an unsightly back.) Pretty much the only sensible space for the china cabinet was at the end of the dining table, so there it went. It looked quite stunted, however, due to the high ceilings. I compensated by placing some tall items on top.

The items on the china cabinet include our router. We wanted to see fewer visible wires snaking around, though, which meant hiding the router box and cables. During an Ikea visit we found a rattan magazine rack, which seemed perfect. The woven construction allows air to circulate, and the dimensions match. We’re very pleased with our router hideaway! Otherwise there’s not much going on in the dining area. I decided to skip the rug. A plant fills the corner.

I’ve pretty much already revealed the new dining area. Here are some collected snapshots.

Aug 2011 Table

From August Special Dinner post.

Sept 2011 Centerpiece

From September Special Dinner.

You may have noticed that we have two different kinds of chairs at the table:

Chair Choice

We’ve used the wooden ones at the breakfast nook and the upholstered ones at the dining table. We’re still trying to figure out which ones we like better for this spot.

For fun – and to accommodate Mr. E’s love of sets of things in different colors – we shelved our tableware by color in the china cabinet, and made shelf back inserts to match.

Rainbow China Cabinet

Total for the dining area makeover turned out wonderfully low:

  • Router hideaway: $19.99 magazine rack (Ikea Fläta)
  • Sideboard: already owned
  • Dining table & chairs: already owned
  • Plant: already owned
  • China cabinet: already owned
  • China cabinet colored back: $0 DIY project

Total: $19.99 (excluding taxes)

While planning the furniture layout for the living area, I had a hard time placing our two sofas. At least one of them would have to sit in front of a window, and imagining what that might look like was difficult. Seeing a few photos conviced me that it was feasible.

Southwest Harbor, ME, living room by Tom Scheerer:

Living room

Tom Scheerer, photo by Francesco Lagnese.

Found via Michael Penney Style blog.

Midcentury living room

Kathryn Waltzer.

Found via Houzz.

Cottage living room

Cottage Living.

Found via Vanessa Francis at DecorHappy. (Check out Vanessa’s post for more examples!)

And a long-time favorite of mine:

Green living room

Country Living Decorating Ideas for a Bungalow 09/2009.

So, I placed both sofas against a window so that they make an L-shape. Then, I changed my plan a bit. The original idea was to move the beige-toned rug into the dining area and bring in a larger blue rug for the living area. However, the blue rug just fits its current location so well that we decided to try out the beige rug with the new furniture layout and ended up liking it. Also, it was much less trouble than to drag the large rug around. 🙂

I’m glad we had occasion to move the beige rug, though. We discovered that the floors are already getting faded in the afternoon sun:

Faded Floor

We’ll really have to get cellular shades or sheers for the west windows!

Another small project we did together was to frame some cartoons pulled mostly from past issues of The New Yorker. The trouble is, the frame is large and we don’t have that much free wall space downstairs. So, we hung it in a temporary location. Once I have modified a pair of curtains for the north wall, the frame has to move.

Cartoon Frame

Here’s the north wall, with the large frame on the right:

North Wall

Finally, some before and afters!

Living Before Mashup

Living room before we moved in. Left: southwest corner of the living room from the kitchen. Right: looking towards the breakfast nook from the northern side of living room.

Corners Mashup

Living room after the makeover.

Living Temp Mashup

Before the makeover. Clockwise from top left: West wall and southwest corner, southwest corner, south wall, and north wall.

Living After Mashup

After the makeover.

The north window looks a bit unfinished without curtains, but we’ll live.

Living Decor Before After

The big purchase for this space was the two gliders / arm chairs. We chose a neutral linen for the upholstery. It was more expensive, but oh, so worth it!

Total for the living area makeover:

  • Sofas: already owned
  • 2 arm chairs: $749 each (with upgraded fabric and fabric protection; Jordan’s)
  • Coffee table: 2 benches, already owned
  • Side tables: already owned
  • Banana fiber footstool: already owned
  • Acrylic tray: $39.95 (CB2 Format)
  • Cartoon frame: $24.99 (Ikea Ribba)
  • Cartoons: free

Total: $1,562.94 (excluding taxes)

We still need to figure out which dining chairs we want to keep, get shades for the west windows and curtains for the north window. Once that happens, the cartoon frame needs a new home.

The large room definitely feels more human-sized now. We use the living room side much more than before. And looking into the space from the kitchen, you see a glimpse of a nice, inviting, livable area on both sides of the fire place.

Looking into Dining Area

Looking into Living

We love our new room!

(Note: I do not not publish sponsored content, or accept gifts or discounts to write about products. Blog posts are based on my personal opinion.)


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