Free Project: China Cabinet Inserts

September 19, 2011 § 4 Comments

As part of our living room redo, we moved the dining area into one end of the living room. And as part of the dining area redo, we made colorful shelf back inserts for our china cabinet.

We started by roughly dividing our tableware into color groups. Then we made sure that everything would fit into the cabinet where we wanted it, and moved shelves accordingly. We used cardstock and construction paper in various colors to make a back for each shelf. We embellished these back pieces with paper cutouts from recycled paper.

Recycled Color Paper

We went through a stack of old magazines about to go out to recycling, and tore out pages with appealing patterns and/or colors. Then we selected the ones we liked best, cut them to size, and arranged them on the cardstock backs. Attaching the color paper was done simply with small loops of tape.

Once everything was taped down, we slid the backs into place and filled the shelves.

Cabinet Top

Cabinet Bottom

Mr. E was really on a roll; he did most of the embellishing. (I may have a budding artist here!) The only backs we didn’t end up adding to at all were the two white ones. We decided that the tableware itself was enough.

Here’s the china cabinet before…

China Piled Up

… and after:

Rainbow China Cabinet

The best two things about this project is that it gives the room even more color than the tableware alone, and that we can change the shelf backs extremely easily when the mood strikes. Ok, best three things: we did it together. Ok, four things: it was free!

The total cost for our cabinet colored back project was redunkulously low:

  • Cardstock, construction paper: already owned
  • Tape: already owned
  • Recycled color paper: free

Total: $0

We’ve both been very happy with the results. Other options to try would be fabric, wrapping paper, or contact paper. You should be able to reuse or repurpose a lot of different materials for a project like this.


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§ 4 Responses to Free Project: China Cabinet Inserts

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi! I recently came across your blog…and more specifically your china cabinet, which I LOVE! I know you’ve had it for a while, but would you mind telling me where you got it? It’s not like anything I’m finding in my futile searches…

    • ekoti says:

      Hi, Jennifer! It’s actually from Ikea. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name. I did a quick search, but it must be out of production by now. Hope this helps at least a bit!

      • Jennifer says:

        Ah, Ikea. So if it were still available it would even be affordable…too good to be true! Oh, well. They do have the Hemnes cabinet. Maybe I’ll end up getting that one. Thanks so much for your response.

      • ekoti says:

        Sure thing! I do like the Hemnes series, too. If we were getting a china cabinet now, I suspect that’s what we would’ve picked. Good luck with your quest!

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