Dining Room After

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Besides the upstairs hall and the living room, a space that got changed in a big way during our almost-whole-house-rearranging project is our former dining room. As before, we had a layout plan. This plan ended up changing more than the others, though.

During our summer trip to Britain, we collected all the plants on the dining room table to be protected from the worst of the sun, in case the region suffered from a heat wave during our absence like the previous summer. The plants got morning sun through the east facing window, and I acclimatized them to a two week watering interval before we left. The plan worked: not a single one died while we were out. We also really liked the table full of plants.

Green in Green Room

Don’t they look good collected in one place like that? No wonder designers and decorators always talk of the power of collections. Since the “plant table” was so successful, I wanted to incorporate a plant collection in the new layout.

Once we moved the dining table into our new dining area, I tried moving the plants into and onto a spare book case.

Temp Plant Tower

Although the plants, again, looked good gathered together, the bookcase was too far from the window. They needed more light. I tried numerous occasional tables and small shelving units by the east window, but nothing quite worked. As a for-now solution, I use a small folding table, but I may well end up replacing it.

The only new thing we bought for this room is a sleek tv…

West Wall After

…to replace our old monstrously large set. Everything else we already owned. (Well after we moved the furniture, I made two pillows out of bubble wrap, but they’re not part of the initial makeover.)

All the wall art is made by family and friends. The watercolor in the picture below was painted by my youngest brother in elementary school; the oil paintings are by our best man. There are two large boxes by the doorway. We keep our stash to things to donate in them, conveniently near the door but out of the way.

Looking towards Entry

Finally, here are some before and after photos. Before:

Dining Before Mashup

Clockwise from top left: northeast corner, southeast corner, east wall, and north wall.

And after:

Dining After Mashup

We really need to figure out what we want to call these areas! In the house plans, this room, our former dining room, is actually marked as formal living room and our living room as the family room. For a while we called the ex-dining-now-tv-room the green room, because it’s green and because all our plants lived there for our Britain trip. Then Mr. E accidentally referred to it as the living room and I got confused. Then we tried “tv room” for the tv/living space and “yellow living room” for the sitting/living space. Now it looks like we’re leaning towards green room and living room, but we’ll see.

There are still things I’d like to change or update. I’d like a better solution for the plants, and I’m thinking about the placement of the wall art. Perhaps I’ll also relocate our cartoon frame here. But, as the total for this makeover was a big, fat zero*, I’m not complaining.

* Unless you count the tv, which I’m not. 😉


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