Short Thanksgiving Recap

December 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

This year, Mr. E and I hosted his family for Thanksgiving for the first time. Due to scheduling, we had our dinner not on Thursday but on Saturday. It felt a little weird to be off schedule with the rest of the country, but we managed.

Since we’ve never cooked a full Thanksgiving meal for more than the two of us, we started preparations well ahead of time. Mr. E took care of the cooking; I set up and cleaned up. We figured out together what could be made beforehand and which dishes to use. We decided on buffet style serving. I found it easier to keep track of dishware by setting the pieces out and labeling them, so we wouldn’t accidentally grab anything we would need later on.

THX Serving

THX Buffet Before

I noticed we were a little low on serving silver, and found some thrift store forks and spoons. (I happened on a half-off day, too, so I paid all of $2.50 for five utensils. How’s that for a great price!) They were very tarnished, though:

Silver Before

That wasn’t a problem long, however. I made a thick paste of baking soda and water, and went at them with a scrubbing sponge.

Silver After

What a difference! The best thing is that we didn’t have to use any harsh chemicals.

Our dining table isn’t big enough to accommodate 7 people, even with the leaf in. We carried in our breakfast nook table, and set them side by side. Fortunately they’re very close in height, and almost the same size and shape. We don’t have 8 similar chairs either, but as long as everyone has a chair to sit on, I don’t really care. The main thing is family – and food. πŸ™‚

Since perfect symmetry was already out of the question with these almost-but-not-quite tables and chairs, I decided just to run with it. We don’t have a set of 8 matching plates, so I used pieces from two sets. There was enough symmetry, though, to keep the table from feeling terribly lopsided. Everyone had the same water glass, wine glass, and utensils. I also used two different color napkins, and matched the napkins with the plates. The fill-in chairs were placed evenly around the table. Lastly, I bridged the two tables with a runner and our long wooden tray to create a sense of connection.

THX Table

I’ve never been big on elaborate decor. Like my previous attempts, I kept this centerpiece simple.

THX Center

Some dried grasses from our yard, lots of mismatched candles sprinkled around, and little bowls of nibblies.

On the kitchen side, we also had a drinks / dessert buffet and an appetizer buffet. Next year I’ll try to take less blurry photos of them than this year. πŸ™‚

All in all, the dinner was successful. We had great weather for traveling, and loved the company, as always. Thank you, everyone.


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