December 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

This project isn’t showy or glamorous. It’s necessary, however, and I’m very happy to have it. Our spiffing new radon mitigation system was installed today. It consists of a pipe leading out from the basement and a fan plus a vent pipe outside. This is the inside view:

Radon System Inside

It’s neather than I thought. The radon pipe doesn’t add much clutter, since the waste water pipes already occupy the corner. Below is the outside view:

Radon System Outside

The business end of the system is outside. The bulbuous part houses the fan. This part is also smaller than I thought it would be. That’s probably because our foundation is laid on gravel, and we can get away with a smaller and quieter fan that we’d have to use otherwise.

According to the installer, snow and ice shouldn’t be a problem. That’s a relief. Apparently the system also pulls extra humidity out of the basement, so we might not have to use our dehumidifier as much. Better and better!

We’re planning on (roughly) finishing our basement eventually. The installer sealed all the hairline cracks and applied caulk around the base of the pipe. Once the caulk cures, the basement will be ready for any finishing we want to start with.



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