Attempt at Himmeli Making

December 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Himmeli is a traditional Finnish ornament. They have been cropping up in Finnish and international blogs this year.

Design*sponge advertized a holiday bazaar with a himmeli workshop.

Small himmeli ornaments

Kate Pruitt / design*sponge.

Heidi Lehto, the talented lady behind Sisustuskärpänen, has made a few colored variants for summer use:

A summery himmeli

Heidi Lehto at Sisustuskärpänen.

Three himmelis

Heidi Lehto at Sisustuskärpänen.

Here’s a black one spotted at Emmas designblogg:

Black himmeli in modern room

Butic Blanc, via Emmas designblogg.

The himmeli was originally made from straw, preferably rye stalks, and used when celebrating Christmas (and some other events). Traditional himmelis can be very elaborate and ornate:

Large, traditional himmeli

Photos Jukka Kumaja, Kirsi Iso-Markku / Elohelmi.

Large himmeli

Unknown reader at Kotiliesi magazine.

Found via Kotiliesi.

For years it was rare to see them outside of Christmastime, but it looks like they’re going through a revival. They are typically hung from the ceiling, but any spot that allows the himmeli to freely turn is fine.

Kaija Lampinen has made a terrific video on how to make the basic unit, an octahedron. The video is only in Finnish, but you don’t have to know the language as the video is very clear. Access Kaija’s video at Käspakka.

I wanted to make one, but finding straws whose colors didn’t turn me off turned out difficult. In the end, I got some dark brown coffee stirrers. They were a good choice, since their diameter is smaller than that of drinking straws.

Here is my first attempt in action:

Small himmeli

The darned thing wouldn’t stay still for photography! 🙂

I added a bead in the center of the large octahedron. Making the octahedrons was very easy once you got the hang of it. I made this as a hostess gift; I will certainly make one for us!

EDIT: My new himmeli can be seen in the holiday 2013 decorations post.

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