Last Two Winters: Comparison

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Snow doesn’t seem to leave anyone lukewarm: either you love it, or you hate it. I love meself a lil’ snow. In fact, a winter doesn’t feel right without it. By this time last year, we had a biiiig heap. Take a look:

Candles and Snow

From the January 12 post.

Our Snow Tools

From the January 13 post.

Snowy Deck

From the January 28 post. (And it didn’t end there!)

We got pummeled by a storm after another, and that started to drain even my enjoyment of the snow.

This year, we got our first snow in October. Since then, though, it’s been rain, rain, rain. Blah. I’m glad we’re getting the rain, it’s good for the water table, but I’d really appreciate some white on the ground at this point. Tuesday’s snow didn’t amount to much, but at least it was there.

Light snow accumulation

This is the same spot where we photographed our snow tools (the middle picture). What a difference!

By Garage Closeup

As I thought, it’s gone now. It was beautiful while it lasted.


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