Tiny Update: Dish Cabinet Innards

February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Isn’t it marvelous how just a tiny change can make your life easier? We keep some of our dishes in one kitchen cabinet, and overflow lives in a china cabinet in our new dining area. Up till now, we’ve had our everyday glass dinner plates and ceramic ones in one and the same pile. I wanted to separate them. The pile of glass plates was a tad too heavy to be lifted out of the way comfortably if I wanted to get to the ceramic plates underneath.

Here’s the before:

Dish Cabinet Before

Bottom left is the pile I wanted to split. Last time we were in Ikea we picked up two of the smaller Rationell Variera shelf organizers. We needed two of the smaller organizers, because the larger was just a smidgen too big. While at it, I moved the small snack bowls from the upper shelf down, and mugs up from the bottom shelf.


Dish Cabinet After

This arrangement works much better. We use the small bowls all the time, so it makes sense to bring them into better reach.

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