Finishing the Basement Ceiling: A Test Spot

April 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

We want to do a little finishing in our basement. (My first inspiration batch is available in a previous post.) We don’t want anything fancy, however, and we’d rather keep it simple, inexpensive, non-messy, and easy enough for beginners to DIY.

There’s a small corner of a ceiling enclosed by a beam at the bottom of our basement stairs. We decided to try out our plan there. Here’s the ceiling nook before:

Ceiling Test Before

We got a sheet of thin plywood at a home improvement store and had it cut to our dimensions. We had to do the sheet in two pieces, since we didn’t want to rent a van just to haul home one sheet of plywood. Mr. E painted the pieces white, then I helped him screw them to the ceiling joists.

Ceiling Test After

It was much easier to manipulate two “boards” rather than one sheet, as expected. What I didn’t expect was the amount of sagging. That makes sense, though, since the thin plywood is very bendy. Fortunately, fixing it was a matter of just a few extra screws. Molding and touch-up paint will make a decent enough ceiling. I think we have a plan!

There is just one thing that might force us to bend over backwards…

Ceiling Pipe Problems

…namely, the multitude of pipes and vents at the southern end of the basement. We still have to find a way to deal with them. That part certainly feels intimidating. Luckily we’re not in a hurry and not afraid of experimenting.


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