Moss Cleanup & Septic Pumping

June 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Lots of things happened during my little blogging break. One not very glamorous but kinda necessary task involved wiping off moss at our front door and porch, while the other task, certainly not glamorous and very much necessary, involved emptying out our septic tank.

Our front door faces north, so it always dries up really slowly after a rain, even despite the porch roof. The porch railings and uprights have gotten very mossy. I’ve been dreading the cleanup, but it was really easy.

I just spritzed some white vinegar (undiluted, straight from the bottle) on the railings, let sit for about half a minute, and wiped. No soaking, no scrubbing, no harsh chemicals.

Moss Cleanup

Ahh, it looks so much better! Before the ‘after’ photo, I ran the rag lightly from one end to the other twice. As you see, the moss didn’t come off completely, but a third wipe took care of that. I’m not overly frond of scrubbing, so that was great news. While we were at it, we wiped the uprights as well, and washed some of the spider poop off the door frame. (I don’t have a picture of that, but you’re not missing much. It’s gross.)

And speaking of offal… We’ve lived here for three years now, so it was time to have the septic tank emptied. We knew the general location of the tank from the lot plan and friendly stakes in the ground, but that was it. Our service company kindly both located and dug up the tank cover for us…

Septic During

…and filled in the hole afterwards.

Septic After

Now that we know where the septic tank cover is, in the future we can dig it up ourselves and just have the pumping done by a service company.

(I am blogging about these super exciting details simply because they are new to me. This is my first dwelling with a septic tank.)



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