Special Dinner: May 2012

June 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

This year, Mr. E is doing a round of dinners based on The Lord of the Rings. (A short recap of the “project” can be found in the beginning of the Special Dinner: January 2012 post.) Due to a busy spring, we’re lagging behind somewhat: we just had the May dinner last week.

May’s dinner is modeling on the dinner the four hobbits had at Rivendell with the elves. There was virtually nothing concrete for Mr. E to go on. He extrapolated on the basis of a few descriptions of ethereal, dream-like experiences.

As main course he served roasted lamb with fresh, local asparagus and topped with roasted vegetables and wine jelly. The lamb was complemented by a green salad with roasted apples (so that I can eat them) plus local strawberries. We drank pear cider and white wine.

Special Dinner May 2012

For dessert Mr. E made sweet Finnish coffee bread, pulla, to be enjoyed with black currant liqueur with dried cranberries.

May 2012 Dessert Pulla

Like food, there isn’t much detailed description of elven style or decor in Tolkien. As I want to create the table settings with elements we already own, I selected some neutral china to go with our replica Viking age drinking glasses. As it happens, my Anthropologie dinner plates (note to self: Verdant Acres; thanks again, P, they’ve been great!) have the same shade of bluish green. That inspired me to pull out other items with similar shades: sushi plates, an Ikea glass pitcher, and lime green napkins.

May 2012 Setting

I also wanted to tweak the usual, Western table setting just slightly. That’s why the lamb and asparagus sit on a sushi plate on top of the dinner plate, and we drank our dessert libation from a small, family-heirloom glass dessert bowls.

May 2012 Meal

It was delicious, as usual. Some time soon we should do June and finally catch up.


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