Bats in the Attic!

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

We hardly use our attic, but last week we had reason to go up to fetch things and investigate some night-time scratching sounds. There’s always been a lot of dead bugs in there:

Bare attic

We probably would not have looked closer, had we not been looking for a source for the scratching. It’s not just bugs. There’s scat.

Bat Scat

Oh crap! (Quite literally!)

Mr. E found an animal droppings identification chart, and identified it as bat scat. My brain immediately started playing the sound track from this video…

…except instead of Bat-Cat I hear bat scat or bat crap. My brain needs help! 🙂

Anyway. It makes sense; we know there are bats in the area. The scratching sounds seem to be coming near this little hidey-hole we have up in the attic:

Bare attic

This part sits above my office / guest room. It’s quite a scary part, I confess: dark and very confined even for me. I don’t think I’ve actually looked in before. It does look like a haven for bats, doesn’t it: cave-like and dark, with lots of rough surfaces to hang onto.

Bare attic

Because of the insulation, joists, and rafters, it’s very difficult to see any scat in there, but we think there’s some. We didn’t see any evidence of current occupation, though. (I suppose we should have actually gone in instead of just taking photos and shining a flashlight around. That will have to wait, though; it’s way too hot to be crawling among the insulation with a mask and long sleeves / pants.)

A few days later we saw a bat flying around in the dusk near our house. We still don’t know for sure where it lives, though. The good thing about bats is that they eat bugs. Also, they’re generally not destructive like squirrels and rats. (A colleague of mine had a litter of flying squirrels chew through her roof earlier this year. No joke!)


A bat airing out on a hot day, captured in Maine on a vacation a few years ago.

We certainly want it to stay around; just not inside our house. We need to build a bat house. Mr. E’s parents have used them successfully in the past to relocate bats outside. I hope it’ll work for us.


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