Hang Plates, Hang Mugs, Hang Pitchers

July 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s how my dishware wall art came to be. Ever since I found it, this kitchen (which I mentioned in a past post) with pictures of plates instead of actual plates has been in my head:

Bloesem Roel Vaessen Plate Photos

Roel Vaessen, via Bloesem blog.

Found via Bloesem blog. What a great new take on both a plate wall AND a picture wall!

I found a few similar arrangements. Mary Jo and Steve Hoffman’s living room has a whole bank of trial images for their gorgeous STILL blog:

Living room

Mary Jo and Steve Hoffman.

Earlier this spring, Randi showed a mug poster on her picture ledge:

Picture Ledges

Randi at Fargefest.

West Elm’s blog sometimes uses grid collages. This example is for the end of the year holiday dishware:

Dishware photos

West Elm.

I combined Roel’s idea with Randi’s poster. I also decided to keep my version to a smaller scale, like Randi. I found images of glassware, mugs, and pitchers online, and played around with them. My first collage looked like this:

Glasses Mugs Plates Small

I wasn’t sure I liked all of it, thought, so I set the collage as my computer wallpaper and stared at it for a few weeks. That helped a lot. I was able to get rid of the pieces I didn’t really like. Then I broke the images into four blocks of four, already shown in my sneak peek, and printed them.

Dish Pictures

I also decided to re-use my typography art frames. It made sense to keep the frames in my office since we don’t have wall space to speak of in our kitchen. And here they are:

Dish Pictures After

I’m mostly happy, but not entirely. There are things I like and dislike both in my first collage and in this version. I need to live with it to see whether I want a change. For now, they’re good enough.

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