Preparing for Long-Distance Visitors

July 16, 2012 § 5 Comments

We started preparing for my family’s visit in May. Well, we did start thinking and talking a year and a half ago, but we didn’t begin our practical arrangements that early.

In May:

  • We had our septic tank pumped. It hasn’t been touched since we moved in three and a half years ago. You gotta be sure that there’s enough space for an increase in the, ah, production.
  • Confirmed who’s coming. Planned for accommodations.
  • Made a few pies for the freezer.

Septic During

In June:

  • Brought down our bathroom doors from the attic. Moving in, we didn’t choose the intended master suite as our bedroom. We’re in a spare bedroom connected to a Jack-and-Jill bath. After living here for a while, we found the doors annoying and took them off. Now we need to share the bathroom, so we need the doors again.
  • Bought and set up canopy for the back deck.
  • Since our new canopy didn’t come with netting, we bought inexpensive net-like curtains as mosquito netting.
  • Planned for and rearranged my office (the intended master suite, which serves as our main guest room). It now works better as a guest room; previously my focus was how it worked as a home office.
  • Collected everyone’s flight and contact information and printed a cheat sheet.
  • Made a “room reservation” list for accommodation / schedule tracking.
  • Started a food plan.
  • Started an entertainment plan.
  • Prepared tealight lanterns by soaking glass jars to remove labels.
  • Made a few pies for the freezer.

Outdoors Mashup

In July:

  • Potted cuttings that have been rooting. Not strictly guest-related, but it is nicer to have actual potted plants around than old yogurt containers with green sticks in them.
  • Washed all guest linens. Aired quilts.
  • Bought & washed new guest pillows.
  • Bought a new airbed. (I have a big family!)
  • Installed temporary curtain rods at our green room (tv room) doorways, since it’s going to be another guest room. Hung curtains for privacy.
  • Rearranged Mr. E’s office to accommodate a queen-size airbed. Added dark curtains, so that the space doesn’t heat too badly during the day. (We have no air conditioning.)
  • Finalized the food plan. Stocked up on non-perishable food.
  • Made a few pies for the freezer.
  • Wiped outdoor furniture.
  • Hung mosquito netting on the canopy.
  • Set up guest rooms: beds, towels, bath necessities, drinking glasses, toilet paper & tissue; emptied trash cans.
  • Washed our shower curtain since we’re sharing the bathroom.
  • Brought out a basket of sun lotions to share.
  • Refreshed our stock of emergency medical supplies (like poison ivy cream and antihistamine).
  • Wrote and scheduled blog posts ahead of time.

Indoors Mashup

And lastly:

  • Freaked out & panicked.
Keep calm poster

The Keep

Just kidding. Well, maybe a little. 🙂


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