New Canopy – About Time!

August 23, 2012 § 6 Comments

Our back deck is very exposed. In the past we haven’t used it much at all in the summer because it’s just too hot out there. Here’s the deck before:

Deck Before

For this summer, I wanted shelter from the sun. After some pondering I decided on a canopy. (Mr. E gave me free reign with this project.) During a late May Ikea shopping trip, we stumbled into the Ammerö gazebo.


Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

It hadn’t even occurred to us to look for a canopy at Ikea! Although the Ammerö is supposed to be a gazebo, erected on grass, we thought we’d be able to put it up on our deck easily. Easily, of course, is a relative term – you definitely needed two people to put the gazebo together, but all in all it wasn’t too difficult.

Here is the deck after from the back door…

Deck After

…and from the yard:

Deck with Canopy

The last step was to hang mosquito netting. It was possible to get ready-made mosquito netting for the gazebo, but our local Ikea was sold out. We decided to use the Lill curtains instead as an inexpensive enough substitute.

Curtains as Mosquito Net

The only problem was that there was no straightforward way to attach the curtains to the canopy structure. After playing around with a few other alternatives, I decided to use my trusty lazy-man’s fallback tool: binder clips.

Binder Clips

They’re the fastest and easiest way I could think of. They are repositionable, too, and should have enough of a grip to keep the curtains attached even in windy conditions. I started in one corner and worked my way around, attaching a clip about every 6 inches (15 cm). I also overlapped the panels by about 12-18” (30-45 cm).

Installing Mosquito Net


I’m happy to report that the curtains work very well as mosquito netting. In fact, at times they work a little too well. Several times we’ve had to release dragonflies that somehow found their way in but couldn’t get out on their own.

Trapped Dragonfly

All in all, we’re really pleased to have shelter from both the sun and bugs on our deck. So far the binder clips have also held well – despite some pretty wild thunderstorms, all of the curtains are still up.

Now, why on earth didn’t we do this earlier!?

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