Back in Action after Major Action!

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I hope you enjoyed October! Well, except for hurricane Sandy – my thoughts go out to everyone affected by it. We got off easy, really: strong winds and heavy rain, with a three-hour blackout.

Entertainment during Hurricane Sandy

A lot of branches came down, but none of them very large. A minor miracle was that the huge dead pine on our neighbor’s lot didn’t fall on our house. Our town didn’t suffer much, either, but many surrounding towns lost their power for two to three days. My work was canceled one night; Mr. E had two days off due to blackouts. We cooked pasta in the fireplace and read by candlelight.

At work, things usually pick up in October and November. This year was unusual: our workload exploded in early October as if by the push of a button, and then suddenly quieted down again a few days ago. It’s been utterly exhausting. I’m looking forward to a relaxing November.

Then, there was this huge surprise waiting for me…

Kotona Stats Nov 02

Holy moly! 2,400 page views! Looks like one of the photos I re-blogged last year got pinned and made some rounds very quickly. The star of the show is this tulip ice lantern by Anne Havåg Holter-Hovind, an architect from Oslo, Norway, who blogs at Moseplassen:

Tulip ice lantern

Anne Havåg Holter-Hovind at Moseplassen.

She guest blogged at Norske interiørblogger about ice lanterns in 2011. Thanks everyone who visited through Pinterest – and please go over to Anne’s wonderful blog for more ideas!


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