October Recap

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Work pretty much overwhelmed both of us in October. We did accomplish a few home-related things, however. The most exciting thing is the harvesting of Mr. E’s pumpkins!

Our Own Pumpkins


There is a third one that might be salvageable, but otherwise I think the plants are done for the season. We’ll see whether we’ll get more next year: Mr. E already has plans to try anew.

And, of course, fall happened. This year is a vast improvement over last year’s dull browns:

Fall Leaf

Our little potted fir tree (which you can see a peak of in a past post about our canopy) is finally gone from the deck…

Empty Pan

…to live in the ground:

Planted Spruce

The Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Pinea glauca ‘Conica’) was our Christmas tree substitute last year. It should definitely be fine with northern Massachusetts weather, and I hope the sandy soil works, too.

Finally, the canopy is down and outdoor furniture stored for the winter:

Dismantled Canopy

Looks quite bleak, doesn’t it? I think October and November are my least favorite months. (I’m a spring gal all the way.) As soon as the colorful leaves fall, it’s all downhill until snow comes. I hope we get some snow soon; that would brighten things up.


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