Special Dinner: October 2012

November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

This year, Mr. E is doing a round of dinners based on The Lord of the Rings. (A short recap of the “project” can be found in the beginning of the Special Dinner: January 2012 post.)

For October’s dinner, Mr. E decided to use Merry and Pippin’s meal in the remains of Isengard after the battle. The two hobbits raided Saruman’s store rooms and combined whatever they could find for a simple fare with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli.

“’And you need not turn up your nose at the provender, Master Gimli,’ said Merry. ‘This is not orc-stuff, as Treebeard calls it. Will you have wine or beer? There’s a barrel inside there– very passable. And this is first-rate salted pork. Or I can cut you some rashers of bacon and broil them, if you like. I am sorry there is no green stuff: the deliveries have been rather interrupted in the last few days! I cannot offer you anything to follow but butter and honey for your bread. Are you content?”

Mr. E cooked a small ham with apples as main dish, suggested by the mention of salted pork. Tolkien’s description didn’t include “green stuff” but Mr. E included some sauteed carrots as a reasonable addition. We also had toasted bread with butter and cheese, nuts, dried fruit, and white wine.

Special Dinner Oct 2012

The setting of this meal in the book is a room hewn out of stone with a roof, hearth plus chimney, and a long table, but few other comforts. I used some of our simple everyday ware for a basic table setting.


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