Two Rainbow Paper Projects

December 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Michele Pacey at Michele Made Me posted these gorgeous junk mail paper snowflakes last year:

Junkmail Snowflake Wall

Michele Pacey at Michele Made Me.

Junkmail Snowflake Gift Topper

Michele Pacey at Michele Made Me.

Both images from the Michele Made Me blog (top image; bottom image). Please have a look; she has plenty more pictures in her blog. Michele’s projects always get my gears running, and these photos have stayed with me for a year, that’s how much I like them!

The rainbow color scheme reminds me of a project I did, but I don’t think I’ve shared. Last year I tried making something with paper strips, but didn’t succeed. I still had a lot of extra strips…

Paper Strips Project

…so I made paper chains for the tree:

Paper Chains on Tree

I had to slip in a tea reference when I found the perfect ad to cut up:

Paper Chain Closeup

Not bad considering it’s all junk mail and old magazines, don’t you think? I also made a few chains with some origami paper I had kicking around, but I like these more.

Here’s a picture with our tree topper:

Paper Chains Bow Tree Topper

When it was time for Mr. E and me to decorate our first tree together, we talked about what to top the tree with. My family (like most Finnish families I know) used a star, and Mr. E’s family (like most American families I know) had an angel, so we compromised and used a bow. The bow is made of a piece I got in a huge bag of ribbon remnants, and it’s white because that’s what there was. We both like it a lot, though, and continue to use it.

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