A Front Hall Dilemma: Yes Bench

February 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

A while back I started mulling on my front hall seating situation. I really love having my wicker chair in the front hall, but it’s not quite cutting it. I’ve now decided that I’d like to get a bench instead, but it needs to both do its job well and look pleasing. And not be too big! It’s a tall order, especially since I’m still undecided on the style I want.

I’m still very much playing around with options, but here’s a selection of very preliminary ideas with some brainstorm-y notes.

Wood is my favorite material, and there are plenty to choose from. Both Mr. E and I love pale woods like birch, ash, and maple. Unfortunately for us, pale wood isn’t very mainstream in the U.S.

Love the pale maple and the simplicity of this CB2 loveseat:



The shape is a tad too modern for us, though, and that particular shade of yellow is a definite no-no. Besides, it’s too big for the front hall.

A style that I’ve liked long is a backless trestle bench:

Backless bench

World Market.

It takes me back to my grandparents’ summer cottage in Finland. I’m sure there are plenty in all imaginable price points and finishes.

This bed-end bench by Paula Deen is lovely, too:

Bed Bench

Paula Deen, via Jordan’s Furniture.

Unpretentious, with a little bit of a back and sides. I quite like it. Might be too low, though, to hold bags without them topping over, especially if there’s a cushion.

A similar but backless bench with leather:

Leather Bench

Grandin Road.

Nice simple shape. And leather would be durable. But why does it have to be black?!

Of course no-one’s stopping you from picking an outdoor bench and plopping it in. There are quite a few nice ones out there, and at the moment the prices seem good.

This Pottery Barn porch bench reminds me of our barstools:

Porch bench

Pottery Barn.

It would tie the front hall and the kitchen together better, but since you can’t really see one space from another, the benefit would be more academic than practical.

What if I went with metal instead of wood? I like the simplicity of this outdoor bench from Restoration Hardware:

Zinc outdoor bench

Restoration Hardware.

Arms and back, good. The dimensions are a bit too big, though.

This outdoor bench reminds be of the Restoration Hardware one, but it’s smaller:

Steel Bench

Living Accents, via Amazon.

I’m a little hesitant to choose seating that require assembly, though, since I know I can’t do it very well. And the finish is black dark. (One of the comments says it’s antique brass, not black, so it would match or be close to our bed.) On the other hand, very cheap, so even if you decided to re-finish, it wouldn’t be prohibitive.

This metal bench also has quite a pleasing shape:

Metal bench

Austram, via Amazon.com.

Although curvier, it’s still non-frilly and simple; elegant, even. Unfortunately again, the yellow is terrible (for our tastes). Then again, there’s always paint… On the plus side there are the arms and back.

This is going to be a tough one!

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